Eating Local All Year Long

By: Nikki Warner, Markets and Communication Manager at FRESHFARM Markets ….. 

You eat kale, you cook healthy meals, but do you know where you food comes from? If you shop at producer only farmers markets in our area, not only will you have access to healthy food, but you’ll have the opportunity to talk with the folks who grow your food. Knowing where your food comes from is just the start of a conversation you can have with a farmer, week in and week out, at a producer only farmers market.

FRESHFARM Markets prides itself in being DC’s largest network of producer only farmers markets, including our Dupont Circle farmers market which is open every Sunday, year-round. When you shop there you can be sure that everybody who is vending either grows, raises or harvests their produce themselves. Additionally, all prepared foods are made from scratch and include locally sourced ingredients.

BeingApples a non-profit organization, part of FRESHFARM Markets mission is to educate the public about food and environmental issues. In teaching others about the benefits of eating local at the markets I manage, I’ve learned tons about the practicality of eating local all year round. The concept of being a “locavore” can be confusing and intimidating. You don’t need to stop eating avocados, spend more money, or invest in expensive kitchen equipment to get started. There are things you can do right now to incorporate local foods into your diet that will reward you with better flavor and nutritional value. Eating local all year round is about being willing to try new things. It’s about learning that real foods have a seasonality — sorry, no strawberries until May! It’s also about shifting your grocery budget (gradually) from large food corporations to small farmers in our region. Doing so is great for the environment, great for the economy and especially great for your health.

At our Rooting DC workshop, we will tell you the ways in which your garden plan can complement your desire to eat local all year round. We will arm you with market tips, tricks and hacks to save you money, time and rocket you into a full year of good food, good health and lots of happiness. See you there!