Exploring Math and Language Through Seasonal Ingredients

By: Christy Przystawik, Early Childhood Teacher at FoodPrints …..

We’ve just completed a unit of study on pumpkins at Peabody through our FoodPrints program. For this particular unit our study was divided into four centers: observational drawings, playing with pumpkin pie moon sand, making pumpkin scones, and “geo pumpkins.” Borrowing from the concept of geoboards we hammered screws into small pumpkins and provided a huge pile of rubber bands. After demonstrating the method of stretching rubber bands onto the screws the students were allowed to explore on their own. As with a typical geoboard, this activity encouraged exploration of basic geometry, the development of language skills through discussion, and the use of fine motor skills. Not to mention they just look really cool!

The geo pumpkins were a big hit and were used with ages 3-6 at Peabody. Even students who usually have a short attention span stayed hyper-focused on the pumpkins. This was a really fun and engaging way to reinforce our study of local and seasonal pumpkins. Here is a link if you are interested in making your own geo pumpkin. Have fun!