Give a Little Bit

By:¬†Margi Fineran, Foodprints educator, School within a School @ Goding …..¬†

photo“The most important thing in anyone’s life is to be giving something” – Ginger Rogers

December 2014, SWS Goding, our youngest of students were learning about Giving. With the talk of special holiday treats and surprises set aside for a little while, the 3 year old class learned how to give our red wiggler composting worms an appropriate environment in which to live and work. They were excited to cut up bits of old lettuce leaves and kale stems. Little fingers love tearing up bits of egg cartons and newspapers. They were concerned the worms not would be warm enough in the cold weather and so covered them up even more with their newspaper blankets. As we left the worms to settle in, students worried the worms would be lonely over the winter break.

One of my goals at SWS is to have a worm composting system in every classroom. The worm bins in some classrooms have become part of their center time activities. The student observe them, draw pictures and tell stories about the worms and all the decmposing action taking place. In the end, they learn what a treat the worms are giving back to the earth and our garden with their end product and a little help from us.