How Vertical Farming Would Work in DC

By: Evan Bromfield, Founder at the Urban Vertical Project ….. 

Vertical farming would grow as much food as possible, for as many people as possible, and as close to where they live as possible.

It’s a bright future, tinted green, and it would work wonders for DC. Sustainable DC, the city’s initiative to promote environmentally friendly urbanism, is already pushing us in the right direction. Laws like DC council members David Grosso’s and Mary Cheh’s Urban Agriculture and Food Security Act of 2014 are just the next logical tipping point.
There is going to be a new era of urban ecology. We will have to figure out the best, healthiest way to relate to our cities and vertical farming is key. We won’t need to waste the resources building fantasy high-rises, artificially lit, and pumping out produce. Rather, a more elegant solution is at our fingertips. Rooftop farms like Union Market and innovative design schemes like those proposed by Cultivate the City work within the DC landscape and community to incorporate the principles of vertical farming into our lives.

This article looks a bit more into what vertical farming is and what it does, but the potential is endless. We could design apartment buildings that produce their own food, or office buildings that clean their own air. We could change food deserts to areas of fresh abundance and empower a new green collar workforce. We could curb pollution and tackle health problems like obesity. It’s all possible when you adapt a food system to the local environment.

The Urban Vertical Project looks into these issues more, and provides real world data about what different vertical farm initiatives are doing. You’ll get exclusive access to vertical farming developments that you can’t find anywhere else, and as DC continues to blaze forward in sustainability, they will only become more important.